Q. Can I Customize My Text IDS?

A. We have strict limitations with regards to the length of text IDS in our system (we have to keep them short). You will be able to request a 3 to 7 character text ID prefix (based on availability). For example - if you were to request SMITH as your text ID prefix, we will do our best to assign your text IDS in sequence (SMITH1, SMITH2, SMITH3, SMITH4, SMITH5 - ETC). We suggest choosing a text ID prefix that relates to you personally, your first or last name, your company or possibly the area you serve. The shorter the better.

Q. Does My Monthly Fee Include The Cost Of Sign Riders?

A. No. We are a technology company. We do not print or provide sign riders as part of the service

Q. Can I Choose Where My Text IDS Link?

A. Yes. For each text ID, you will be able to associate the link of your choosing. The link can be a custom website URL, a link to listing information within your site, a YouTube video, a virtual tour, a FaceBook link. It's up to you. Buyers who text for info will receive an automated text response with the link you assigned

Q. Can Leads For Different Text IDS Be Sent To Different Email Addresses?

A. Yes. Leads can be sent to up to 2 different email addresses.

Q. Can I Sign Up My Brokerage Under One Account?

A. Feel free - however HOMECELLERS has been designed and optimized as a service for individual agents. Meaning some of the functionality is catered to an individual and not a group

Q: Is 59262 The Number That All Text Inquiries Are Sent? Is This Always The Same?

A: Yes. 59262 is referred to as a short code. It is the equivalent of a telephone number. Think of it as a short phone number for our server. When you (or a potential homebuyer) sends a text to the number 59262 with your text ID, the HOMECELLERS system delivers an automated text response with a link to the information requested

Q: When My Listings Sell - Can I Re-Use My Text IDS?

A: Yes. That's the idea

Q: Does HOMECELLERS Work In Canada, Puerto Rico Or Outside Of The US?

A: No. HOMECELLERS only works in the US

Q: Can I Send Text Blasts To The People Who Have Inquired About One Of My Listings Using The HOMECELLERS System?

A: No. You CAN text or call this person directly (1-to-1 communication). You cannot add them to a master list and send them unsolicited bulk text messages or make auto-dialed phone calls. This would be considered non-compliant with current TCPA laws and could result in excessive fines and legal exposure

Q: How Can I Cancel My Account?

A: Connect with us through the contact form on our homepage to cancel your account. Please note that we do not offer any pro-rata refunds for unused service

Q: Does HOMECELLERS Require An Annual Contract?

A: No annual contract is required. Month-to-month advance billing on all accounts