On October 1, 2016, we released a major change that will impact all HOMECELLERS customers. Please read this entire email to understand how this change will impact your use of the HOMECELLERS service moving forward.


Most importantly, on October 31, 2016, our “legacy” HOMECELLERS service will be disabled. All customers will be required to register for a new HOMECELLERS account. For individual agent pricing - Text: AGENT To: 59262. For broker/office pricing - Text: BROKER To: 59262. No credit card needed at sign-up. The month of October will be offered free-of-charge to give you time to transition to our new platform.


For those of you with active "legacy" HOMECELLERS accounts, we strongly recommend that you begin this transition process as soon as possible. Do not wait until the last minute.

Note: For the new HOMECELLERS platform - we have changed to a .NET domain. Our legacy product will continue to run on .COM through October 31, 2016.




95495 SHORT CODE - CHANGING TO 59262: Good news and bad news here. The good news is that you will no longer need to promote a 2-word text ID. No more GOTO HOME75. This will make things easier on you and on potential home buyers. Consumers will now only need to text a single ID To: 59262. Bad news - you will need to update sign riders and collateral/marketing materials with the new short code and your new text IDS once assigned.


YOUR ACCOUNT & LOGIN: This will also be changing. We are overhauling and simplifying HOMECELLERS to the basics which will include consumer text-for-info & lead generation.


PLATFORM CHANGE: Moving forward, we will not require you to upload listing information and have our system dynamically create mobile landing pages for each of your listings. We feel like this is duplicative for our customers as most of you already have websites featuring your listings and/or property-specific websites for each listing. This will minimize the time it takes for you to activate your listings for text. With the new HOMECELLERS, you will only need to copy and paste a listing URL for each text ID in your account. Leads will still be delivered by EMAIL just as they are now.


TEXT IDS & PRICING: Our new pricing will be based on the number of listings you have in our system. We’ve done our best to keep the pricing for existing customers reasonable and still be able to operate the service. For individual agent pricing - Text: AGENT To: 59262. For broker/office pricing - Text: BROKER To: 59262


BILLING: For those with active "legacy" HOMECELLERS subscriptions, we will be terminating all automated charges starting on October 1ST, 2016. This means you’ll get the month of October at no charge. Starting November 1ST, all customers who have signed up for the new HOMECELLERS service will receive an invoice via email for the month of November. We will bill monthly in advance for service so you’ll want to make sure you get that paid within the time allocated. Accounts will be cancelled for non-payment and text IDS will be released for use by other customers. You will be able to pay by credit card or PayPal upon invoice receipt. If you haven’t transitioned to our new platform by 10/31/16, your current HOMECELLERS account will be terminated.


ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS: Some of you may have paid for a year and still have time left in your billing cycle. We will be working with you each individually to modify your billing cycles moving forward. If you choose not to transition to our new platform - no pro rata refunds will be offered against our "legacy" platform.


Thank you for your support of HOMECELLERS and for your patience through this transition.